Made a Mistake on Your Tax Return That Has Been Filled?

Made a Mistake on Your Tax Return That Has Been Filled? Tax filing season can be a stressful time where many people make mistakes on their tax returns each year. In addition, Congress has made many changes in tax laws this year which made the most complicated tax season ever. However, If you just realized […]

Unemployment Tax Break: Here What You Need to Know

Have You Received Unemployment Benefits in 2020? You May Eligible to Get a Tax Break  The Internal Revenue Service will begin issuing tax refunds automatically to many eligible taxpayers in May who already filed their tax year 2020 returns without claiming a new tax break on unemployment benefits.  The legislation allows taxpayers whose adjusted gross […]

Tax Deadlines in 2021

Federal Income Tax due Dates Delayed! 2020 Tax Return: When are my Taxes due? Federal Income Tax Due Dates Delayed to May 17th, 2021 … … BUT FOR INDIVIDUALS (Form 1040) ONLY! Please check with your state if they have also postponed filing as well. New York, for example, has aligned with Federal due dates. […]